Migraine dietary supplement


Migraine Dietary Supplement

Nourish and flourish with 24 hour migraine nutrition and symptom support

Migra Well AM

Migra-Well am

Day time nutrient, energy and neurological support


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Migra Well PM

Migra-Well pm

Night time, GI friendly migraine nutrient and sleep support


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Migra QWell


Inflammation & GI Support for migraine headaches


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Take control of your migraines naturally

Our synutrients™ are uniquely combined research-backed ingredients with high bioavailability to enhance nutrient absorption. 

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Robert Bonakdar*, MD, FAAFP, FACN, ABOIM

Board Certified Headache Specialist

*Dr. Robert Bonakdar is a  medical consultant for Wellkasa

"My approach to migraine treatment starts with filling key nutrient gaps that are often the root cause of recurring migraine episodes and associated side effects. Nutrient support in conjunction with individualized lifestyle and treatment approaches are keys to supporting total recovery."

Clean, research-backed migraine dietary supplements

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DayMigra-Well™ am

Daytime migraine dietary supplement

Day time migraines are draining and can impact your productivity. Migra-Well™am formula provides key nutrients including anti-oxidants that promote energy and provide neurological support.

Magnesium Magnesium

High potency DiMagnesium Malate by Albion promotes energy by supporting ATP production and mitochondrial function.

Anti oxidantsKey Antioxidants for Mitochondrial Support

Coenzyme Q10 and Alpha Lipoic Acid are key nutrients often low in people with migraine. Supplementation may help reduce migraine frequency and intensity.

RiboflavinRiboflavin & B Vitamins

Innovative energy-supporting versions of B12 and methylated Folate.

D3Vitamin D3

Research supported dosage of vitamin D3 for migraine frequency and reduction.

Omega 3Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 from AvailOm has 5x the bioavailability of standard Omega-3. Improving Omega balance is shown to improve migraine symptoms and the need for medication.

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NightMigra-Well™ pm

Night time migraine dietary supplement

Migraines may cause sleep disturbances and sleep disturbances in turn may lead to more migraines.  Our Migra-Well™pm formula provides key nutrients that are relaxing, GI friendly and sleep supporting. 


Magnesium Bisglycinate has been shown to promote muscle relaxation and is free of GI side effects.


Research shows replenishing depleted melatonin levels improves sleep quality and may prevent migraine onset due to its powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Melatonin 3 mg is as effective as a well known prescription,  in reducing migraine frequency, intensity, and duration, as well as reducing analgesic use.


Depleted Zinc levels are common among migraine sufferers. Research suggests Zinc Carnosine concurrently fills the nutrient gap and supports GI health.


Riboflavin supplementation supports mitochondrial energy production and improves sleep quality.

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Migraine headMigra-QWell™

Migraine dietary supplement for Inflammation and GI support

Nerve inflammation, light, smell or noise sensitivity along with gut symptoms typically accompany migraines. At the onset of your migraine symptoms, GI friendly, anti-inflammatory botanical ingredients in Migra-QWell™ may be your answer for natural migraine symptom support. 


Many migraine patients also suffer from inflammation, pain, nausea, and GI disorders. In migraine research, the ginger extract formula used here has been shown to improve the onset of pain relief as well as reduce GI symptoms.


Longvida Optimized Curcumin is a highly potent and clinically-supported extract that reduces inflammation and improves blood flow to the brain.


Boswellia Serrata extract contains high levels of AKBA, a compound linked to improved neurological conditions, including migraine and memory.

Grape seedOligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPCs)

Grape seed and pine bark extract are highly potent and naturally occurring bioflavonoid compounds with migraine-inhibiting antioxidants.

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